The Alchemy Team

WE ARE A SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS that loves to recreate/redesign lost and forgotten treasures that would otherwise end up in the landfill. We believe in Slow Design - Slow Design is to promote well being for individuals, society, and the natural environment. Slow Design seeks a mindful approach to designing that takes into consideration a wide range of materials and social factors as well as the short and long-term impacts of the design.

I studied Architecture Design at Penn State University and received a BA in Integrative Arts as well as a Minor in Architectural History and Sociology. I was trained in the craft of UPHOLSTERY since age 11 by my father who is now retired after 30 years in the industry. ​

I serve as lead upholsterer/designer. My husband serves in furniture repairs. My father volunteers as my #1 GO TO GUY FOR THE ANSWERS. We feel blessed to have an opportunity to serve others and in the process become transformed as Changemakers in our community. We look forward to serving you.

~ Sandra and Alexis @ ALCHEMY

My father, as a young Upholsterer, over 30 years ago.

My husband doing some wood repairs.

That's me doing some spring repairs.