ReUsable Fabric Face Mask

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A New Creation: The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.


We are donating our time, skills and talents (as well as some of our inventory from our fabric remnants) to create fabric face masks to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus- COVID-19. Through a generous donation of funds (provided by a past ALCHEMY upholstery client) we have begun to donate face masks to people in need. Both for high risk individuals (elderly, kids, and people with health concerns) as well as for people in need who are still working in the healthcare, food, manufacturing and nonprofit sector. If you know of a person who can benefit from this project outreach please email me, Sandra, at alchemymanager@yahoo.com  Our prayer is that God will have mercy and this too will pass.  


The Lord is good and faithful and so are YOU! We are overly grateful and touched by the number of people who have asked how they may donate to our small business to help this project become sustainable. At first I did not want to take on the business of money donations (we are not a nonprofit, nor do we want to become one). But we are people with a  heart to serve others.  So after much prayer and discernment we have decided to offer our face masks for sale online through our website. So if you want to help donate masks and support our small family business to sustain this outreach project consider purchasing a fabric face mask. CHANGEMAKERS serve others! When you buy one, we donate one.  

The more you purchase the more we may give. 

For every face mask that you purchase we will donate a mask to organizations and people that are in need of a mask. 


PA Governor Tom Wolf recently shared on his Twitter page "You can have #COVID19 and be highly contagious for two weeks without knowing it. We can protect others by limiting our in-person interactions to the people we live with, staying home as much as possible, and taking precautions when we absolutely must go out in public." This also included recommending that everyone should wear a face mask when venturing outside their home. Hearing this latest news reassured us of our decision to make fabric face masks available for sale to the general public so we may create and donate more masks. We realize that not everyone is a DIYer. 

BUT IF YOU DO HAVE A DIY SPIRIT... Then we want to also share this :)

A big thank you to JenniferMaker Designs, for providing the original mask pattern. If you have a DIY spirit and want to make your own, here is the link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD6bnzKTkcc . We have received permission from JenniferMakers Designs to share their info on our website. 


Stay safe! Stay blessed!

  • handmade in USA
  • machine washable
  • breathable
  • comfortable to wear 
  • FOUR LAYERS OF PROTECTION! (2 layers of cotton fabric sewn with 2 layers of interfacing for extra support and filtration 
  • Tie Backs
Note: Please read info on listing description to choose the best fit for KIDS and ADULTS.

NOTE: Gov. Tom Wolf now recommends that all Pennsylvanians begin wearing homemade or paper masks when they leave their homes for life-sustaining reasons. Click here for full newspaper story with links to more information about handmade face masks. If you know someone who could benefit from receiving this gift please email me at alchemymanager@ yahoo.com  

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