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Psalms 46: 10

LEAN IN and DISCOVER the beauty that awaits. When I create many times I find I miss the hidden beauty of the abstract unless I take time to be still Psalms 46:10 and learn to use my view finder to explore what lies within the details. YOUR JOY AWAITS YOU🤗💓 Follow your heart and create guided by the Spirit.

Psalms 46:10 Be Still and know that I am God.

This scripture has always brought me peace and time of reflection. Reflection that brings about questions that pertain to why am I doing art? Why am I creating such a thing as a Prayer Pillow?

Life is ROUGH and TOUGH! Being a follower of Jesus I don't have all the answers and my life is not without its afflictions and suffering. BUT as a follower of Jesus I have been SAVED and I live with a strong foundation of truths that come from reading the bible. One of my favorite things to do after reading the word of God is to meditate in the message that God is trying to ministry on to my life. What does God want me to discover, explore, enjoy from His WORD.

I have never been good at memorization but I find that when I create something (artwork) inspired by God's word it develops, becomes my Art-Memories. I guess you can say I am a visual learner. When I create using paint, pencil, crayons, clay... you name it... I am in a state of personal reflection, meditation; IN PRAYER! The result of my artwork is the time I spent praying to God for His wisdom to guide me through my daily life choices and to strengthen me spiritually so that my ways can become His ways.

So the answers are clear... I make art because that is my private time in prayer with God. I don't make art every time I pray... because I find myself seeking Him at all times in personal prayer and I don't travel with a portable art studio (although that would be nice) to make art at all times. BUT I DO PRAY EVERY TIME I MAKE ART. I share my artwork in the form of a Prayer Pillow so I can encourage others to pray and be reminded of the many creative ways God seeks to teach us. Daily we are called to be made into a New Creation. But this cannot be done if we don't learn to BE STILL... allow Him to guide us in our personal discovery of who we were created to be, our personal exploring of the gifts and talents He has given us, and our personal enjoying of the blessings he provides us and how we can share those blessings with others.

I encourage you to read God's word found in the bible and after reading it seek Him in personal prayer time. If art is your gifts and talents then meditate in His word making art (like I do). If your gifts and talents are construction, woodworking, gardening, cooking, etc... tap into those areas and pray to God.

When we learn to be still and allow God to be God in our life... it's amazing how our lives are transformed.


Below is a small prayer pillow I recently created for a customer to be a gift for a child. It makes a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to spark a heart of worship for God. I especially love the abstract patterned fabric the customer choose to go with the baby blue solid background. TO ORDER YOUR OWN CUSTOM PRAYER PILLOW SIMILAR TO THIS ONE CLICK HERE.


Sandra @ ALCHEMY (Art-Memories)



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