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Quiet Elegance

So I posted awhile back that I was redesigning a vintage wooden chair. The game plan was to paint it white and use an Impressionist style print woven fabric from Charlotte's Fabric. WELL, WE TOOK A BIT OF A DETOUR ON THAT PATHWAY TO BECOMING A NEW CREATION.

As what normally happens when I share too soon ... I get reinspired by my personal artwork. This is the mini canvas artwork I created years past that changed the whole look for this chair. Instead of a clean modern high shine white paint finish I decided to go with "Old White" Annie Sloan Chalk paint with a slight distressed hand rub treatment and sealed it with soft clear wax. The fabric used is of course Greenhouse Fabrics. If it's not broken "don't fix it". This fabric was purchased some time back (it is now discontinued but you can still buy it at this link) and I was saving it for a special project. I used A8406 Fog and @ $59.90 a yard I wanted to make sure the project was a perfect fit and IT IS! At least that's my take on it.

PHOTO BELOW LEFT SIDE: Before Picture of the original chair before the ReDesign.

PHOTO ABOVE RIGHT SIDE: First Redesign Idea - To paint Clean Modern White and use Charlotte's Fabric Oversized Print Fabric from their IMPRESSIONS Collection. Color palette inspired by my artwork.

Check out our Before and After Photos to see the full transformation.

PHOTOS ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT: a photo of the Tell City Chair Co. label, and photos of the demo process which revealed 3 layers of fabric. All 3 layers were removed and a new 2 inch foam was added with 1 inch batting for a much softer feel than the original. There's a reason why they don't take off the old when recovering...1). to make the chair fuller and less hard to sit on {since the seat is a wooden board} and 2). it's a cheap fix to not take off the old. But we at ALCHEMY believe in taking off all the old fabric and full clean up job before adding new materials because of course COMFORT IS EVERYTHING. No matter how pretty the chair is we want you to use it and create memories of JOY. That requires a great marriage of aesthetics and function.

PHOTOS BELOW LEFT TO RIGHT: A photo of the finished chair and the mini canvas artwork that inspired the use of this warm, quiet, elegant color palette inspired by the colors of Fall moving into Winter. For more after photos and to learn how you can buy this one-of-a-kind chair click on https://www.alchemydee.com/shop SOLD! But you can buy a throw pillow made out of the same fabric CURRENTLY ON SALE! Go to our SHOP or click here. You may purchase ONLINE or IN STORE.

Click here to read my original Art-Memories blog entry from 2011 when I first shared this mini artwork. Titled Cool, Rainy Days

FABRIC USED: https://www.greenhousefabrics.com/fabrics/search/fog A8406 Fog (100% Cotton, Waybond Repellent Finish, 51,000 double rubs, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: USA)

Since our move into our new home and workroom last September 2016 I am still rediscovering the goodies that I packed away, earmarked, for future reupholstery projects. I love when I rediscover treasures in my workroom stash. It's that unexpected blessing at the right time that inspires my creative juices to start playing. It's's the same feeling I get when I score BIG at a flea market or antique/vintage shop. That feeling of "Hey, I remember this, now what can I do with it?" then the emotional storytelling begins to unwind in my head and soon my heart is in knots because although we can't stop time we can revisit it through the process of upcycling projects with new materials and new purpose. It's the VINTAGE MADE MODERN as they say... I like to refer to it as a New Creation.

A New Creation with quite a story to tell. This Tell City Chair Co. Vintage Carved Rose Back Wooden Chair took me wayyyy back in time to the 1800s where to my surprise Tell City, Indiana was buzzing with river logging action that took the raw material promptly to the factory to begin it's transformation into elegant furniture. Made in America was a label to be proud of and men and women worked in unity to make a quality product for their local community and beyond.


Tell City Chair Co. History

Closely identified with the history of Tell City, Indiana is the Tell City Chair Company. The business started in November 1865, just seven years after Tell City was founded. The original name was “Chair Makers’ Union,” a name retained until April 1, 1924 when the “Tell City Chair Company” title was adopted. The company was organized as a cooperative concern, with most of the stockholders being employees. It was said that in the beginning these employees made the chairs during the day, carried them home in the evening, and with the assistance of their families wove the double can seat, and then brought the chairs back the next morning.

A familiar sight on the street of Tell City was the “chair wagons” which hauled chair frames to homes in all parts of town where cane seats were hand-woven onto them by women and picked up later and returned to the factory. This practice continued until the early 1930’s when work –in-the-home was banned by NRA legislation. In its time this form of work was very popular with the women, giving them an opportunity to earn extra income while still caring for their children at home. Strangers would invariably inquire about the chairs that were stacked on porches in the many homes about town.

WOW! Good to know that home based businesses are now permitted. We run our family upholstery business from the comfort of our home based workroom approved by our local zoning board. I LOVE IT! It allows us to keep very flexible work schedules and also helps keep our service prices low compared to BIG UPHOLSTERY FACTORIES. We are all about the personal one to one service and each furniture piece we transform comes with a story of amazing people with a brave heart to say YES to a vintage makeover over disposable furniture from BIG BOX STORES. It is our pleasure and passion to continue to discover, explore and enjoy the history of the people who created quality furniture to last the decades and even centuries. HAPPY PICKING :-)

~ Sandra @ ALCHEMY

RESOURCE: http://www.williamtellantiques.com

To learn more about the history of this American made furniture company please click HERE.


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