Each project deserves the best quality fabric your budget can provide. Custom reupholstery is an investment where what you choose to cover your project with will define the success of the work done. Durability and integrity begins and ends with the woven fibers that you choose for your project. We will guide you through the process of choosing the appropriate fabric per your project design needs (from a casual chair to a heavy use sofa). We at ALCHEMY have you COVERED with quality home décor fabrics for every season. To request your free project estimate and schedule your one to one CHAT click CONTACT.

Let's CHAT fabrics!

Hi, I'm Sandra (Upholsterer/Designer) and I would love to share the JOY OF CREATION I experience when I help others choose the right fabric for their project makeover. Let's CHAT, I want to hear your story and ReDesign your project into a New Creation to be enjoyed for generations to come.

FOUR CHECK POINTS that feed my JOY to serve others when choosing the perfect FABRIC.

  1. It must be beautiful, because AESTHETICS count. Check!

  2. It must be durable because LIFE HAPPENS. Check!

  3. It must be custom, an extension of self-expression because we are UNIQUELY MADE. Check!

  4. It must be budget-friendly because we don't live to create, we are created to live a LIFE IN BLOOM! Check!

Click on the links above to discover the thousands of fabrics available through ALCHEMY. To explore fabrics in person email me your favorites list with the supplier name and fabric item number. This is a free service for confirmed clients who have booked their project and made their down payment.

NO STRESS!! Your down payment comes with a free 1 hour in person ReDesign Consultation/CHAT. Allow me to create a curated collection of fabrics for your project! So Let's CHAT Fabrics and discover, explore, enjoy the process of becoming a New Creation. To learn how to request your FREE ESTIMATE click on CONTACT.


There is nothing better than when you find your VOICE. Storytelling through textiles provides us the opportunity to create a home that is authentic to who we are called to be. The ALCHEMY - ART CLOTH Collections is my way to share with others the details of the layers of images and words that have been interwoven into textiles (fabrics) to adorn our spaces - that which is most important, the space we call home. Nothing better for your soul than to have your home decorated with the purpose to create spaces of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, and SELF-CONTROL. Whether it is living in a season of a pandemic or a season of home renovation. We were created to live a LIFE IN BLOOM! May you experience the JOY OF CREATION every day. A new creation! "The old has passed away; behold the new has come." Click the image below to view the possibilities of creating with ALCHEMY ART CLOTH for your next Upholstery, Pillow, Cushion Project, or purchase as Wall Art. What follows is my self-expression of JOY OF CREATION through my one-of-a-kind abstract paintings, now available printed on fabrics (organic cotton, linen, velvet, or satin fabrics). Custom embellishments, such as hand stitching/embroidery, color palette adjustments, etc. available. Please email alchemymanager@yahoo.com if interested in BOOKING a custom piece.